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Treating a heavy tarred chimney

T P Chimney Sweeps have been treating a chimney with a level 3 tar buildup using cre-away tar remove.

Creosote comes in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Black dust or fine black powder

Stage 2: A harder rock-like substance

Stage 3: Tar Tar is viscous and sticky before finally hardening with a glaze like appearance, it is a highly concentrated fuel which can easily catch fire resulting in a potentially devastating chimney fire.

So what are the reasons for creosote forming in the flue? - Burning of unseasoned wood. Your wood should have less than a 20% moisture content before it is burnt.

- Incomplete combustion (slumbering/cutting off air supply).

- Inadequate air supply for the fire.

- Cold or uninsulated chimney.

Stage 3 creosote build up can only be effectively removed by chemically treating the problem.

We use a a treatment called Cre-Away, the powder has four components that safely modifies glazed tar.

It reacts with the tar and chemically modify it changing into a substance that can be more easily removed by our rotary power sweeping.

So, how does this work? - A reactive agent neutralises the acidic creosote making it less flammable in your chimney and less corrosive to metal components. - A dehydrator adsorbs the moisture and oils contained in the different forms of creosote. A combustion inhibitor helps reduce the chance of chimney fire. - A magnesium catalyst helps break down stage 3 creosote Tar when the flue is heated.

The photos shows the Creaway product having absorbed into the tar and then easily removed by our power sweeping equipment.

If you require any further assistance please contact us or visit our webslite.

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